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Below are the dates we'll be visiting different areas with a link to the Weather forecast to help prepare you for what to wear and hopefully not, if an umbrella is advisable.

Thessaloniki and Northern Greece

We'll be arriving here on Saturday, March 16 then in this region through Monday March 18.

Kalambaka and Central Greece

We'll be arriving here on Tuesday, March 19 and leaving on Wednesday, March 20.

Athens and Southern Greece

We'll be arriving here on Wednesday, March 20 and leaving to go home or on the cruise on Friday, March 22.

Mykonos, Patmos, and Santorini

We'll be arriving at these islands for the remainder of the tour until returning to Athens. Ephesus is farther north of the islands so that's listed below


We'll be going ashore for our tour of Ephesus on Saturday, March 22. 

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