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Below you will find some assorted maps to review. Their order may change as more are added.


A Christian's Map

Note below the sites that Jesus visited highlighted yellow.


Old City of Jerusalem

This is a present day layout of the Old City of Jerusalem for your reference. The circled gates are 5 of the 7 present day operating gates that you may enter during your tour. Definitely you will enter the Lions or St. Stephens Gate on the right; the Dung Gate at the bottom right; and, the Zion Gate on the bottom left.


Galilee Region

Your tour will likely begin in this region of the Sea of Galilee as well as your hotel will likely be in Tiberias. 


Israel and Judah

The map below shows the territories of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and Southern Kingdom of Judah after their split in 931 B.C.


Twelve Tribes of Israel

Reference map to the period around 1200-1050 B.C.

Screen Shot 2023-07-27 at 1.00.15 PM.png
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