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Travel Insurance

Optional Insurance is made available to you through our carrier at the cost listed on your brochure. We highly recommend you purchase the insurance but it is not necessary and is your own decision to make. 


Linked below is a simple two page form that explains briefly the benefits and costs. The amount necessary for your trip is based on the basic cost of the tour plus your additional charges of airport taxes, fuel surcharges, and so on.


The cost is different dependent on the state where each of you reside. Notice how the states of New York and Washington are different then the third column which is All Other States. 


So your flyer may show a range for the Optional Insurance but you can see which cost applies to you depending on where you reside. Some groups will have passengers paying two different prices.


What is important to note is that to be covered for a “Preexisting Condition” you must purchase your insurance within 14 days of your Initial Deposit. So I recommend that you combine your insurance payment indicated on the form with your initial deposit.


An example of a Preexisting Condition would be perhaps high blood pressure if you should have a stroke or heart attack. So it could be far reaching and negate the medical coverage. Purchasing the insurance when you send your deposit eliminates that concern. 


You’re certainly welcome to purchase the insurance after the initial 14 days and enjoy all the benefits you see listed on the attached form. If you have to cancel your trip, your insurance is not refunded because it is in effect immediately upon purchase and is providing you some coverage like trip cancellation. 


Click on the “Allianz” logo below to open a clear copy of the two page document describing the costs and benefits of the insurance. Or simply review the same information copied below the Allianz link but more difficult to read.

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