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Reading Material

Below you will find some assorted reading material that may be helpful before your tour or even on your tour. Your hotels and touring bus will all have Wi Fi available.

Holy Land Trip

The Holy Land Trip booklet below was written by a wonderful lady who traveled with us in 1992. There's many wonderful books about the Holy Land obviously with the Bible being the best. But many of those will cover sites you may never visit.  The part of this booklet that covers Israel from Page 5 through 30 discusses sites you likely will visit. So this is lay written in an easy to follow manner. It's well worth reading on your flight both going to and coming from Israel.

The Holy Land Songbook

At times you will be riding in the bus for long periods and perhaps someone will wish to lead the group in some old songs as found in the book below. Everyone will be able to get on the same page with their mobile devices.

Biblical Sites for Christian Visitors

Below is an easy organized booklets of Christian sites based on their geographical location. Note the map with sites highlighted in yellow indicating a placed known to have been visited by Jesus. 

Simple Holy Land Chronology

When we read our Bible and books or hear sermons, we often are focused on one time period. It's interesting that as you stand at each site, the Tour Guide is often time talking about numerous different time periods. This very simple Holy Land Chronology rounded off to the nearest century, may be helpful to review. 

Good and Bad Kings

The good and bad Kings after Solomon are hard for most of us to remember. Below is an easy to follow list and note, only 8 good Kings in the whole group.

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