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Covid-19 Requirements

Covid travel requirements are changing according to conditions becoming less stringent as we anticipated. 

We will do our best to keep information posted here as current as possible. Please check back occasionally for updated information.

Important Update April 19, 2023

The below PDF document is correct but no longer are all unvaccinated passengers isolated for 5 days if one person in the group tests positive for Covid. At this time, only an unvaccinated roommate of someone who tests positive is isolated for 5 days. Not the entire group of unvaccinated. This is an example of restrictions becoming less stringent.

A further note of clarification is that a negative PCR test is still necessary within 72 hours of your international flight departure. This test should be easily accomplished at many doctor's offices or Walgreens's or CVS locations with results in less than 24 hours. 

As of the above date with the "present" PCR testing requirement for all passengers going to Israel:  GroupIST must be charge each passenger in advance for the 2 PCR tests required in Israel which is a total of $120. One test is upon arrival in Israel and the other before leaving Israel.

However, if you are taking an Optional Extension then there may be additional testing for that. Presently Egypt is charging $75 which would be added to your GroupIST bill collected in advance.

You will see a company mentioned by the name of Vered Hasharon. This is our sister company in Israel and is one of Israel’s largest and finest “Inbound” companies. They always manage our tours once you are in Israel but they will be even more visible and accessible than ever during your tour.


Their contact information will be provided to you in advance of your tour if it's ever necessary to contact them.  However your Tour Guide will likely have answers to all your questions and concerns.

The PDF document below is accurate was provided to Journeys Unlimited on March 13, 2022 explaining what you must do to visit Israel. 

Vered Hasharon

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